Equine massage is the therapeutic application of massage techniques developed and used for human athletes, applied to horses. Equine massage has been credited with increasing performance level, competitiveness and endurance. It is used in help injured muscles heal and healthy muscles to stay flexible and pain free.

Indicators of problems can be . . .

• Bucking
• Refusing to pick up the correct lead
• Head Tossing
• Difficulty with lateral movements
• Girthing problems
• Attitude changes
• Off for no apparent reason . . . to name a few

As all horses are athletes . . . massage therapy can be just as beneficial to a trail horse as well as a performance horse.

Olivia received certification or the title of Equine Massage Therapist from Meredith Manor in May of 2009. Olivia would love discuss the possibilities and/or benefits for you and your horse. A typical session lasts for at least one hour and is $45 per session. An additional charge for mileage to your farm will be added at 30 cent per mile. Multiple sessions or multiple horse massages can be scheduled at a reduced rate.

For more details or to schedule an appointment please contact Olivia Corn Farmer at 828.551.2225 or Olivia@shoalcreeknc.com


“A dream to ride can come true”

Private and Semi Private Lessons are available for Children and Adults. Lessons are held at our 60 X 100 indoor arena, 66x195 outdoor arena or trail riding lessons in DuPont state forest. First time students should wear a comfortable but fitted shirts, long pants, and smooth sole boots/shoes with a heel.

Private Lesson: $40 per hour
Semi-Private Lesson $30 (2 to 4 students)

For more details or to schedule an appointment please contact Olivia Corn Farmer at 828.551.2225 or Olivia@shoalcreeknc.com

There are 9 hookups for water and power at the camping site. 30 amp and 50 amp hookups available. Full bathhouse with shower provided.  30 or 50 amp is $35 per night. Reserve entire camping area (9 hook ups) $280 per night.

Campers can ride from Shoal Creek Farm to DuPont State Forest without using a trailer. Trailers are however available for rent for transportation to other state parks or riding facilities in the area. Available trailers include 2 horse - step up bumper pull trailer and 6 horse ramp - goose neck trailer. Please call for pricing.

One stable is available at $30 per night and pasture is $20 per horse. All pastures are fenced in wooden fencing. Pasture boarding is best suited for campers whose horses can be together. Although there is an abundance of acreage, there is a limit to the number of individual pastures. Stable boarding is best for horses needing to be boarded alone. All horses must be stalled or turned out in pasture.

** Please do not stall your horse if he or she is a cribber**

For large groups please have a speaker for the group call and make reservations.

If you can give an approximate time of arrival, or communicate during your travel, we will make every effort to be at the barn to greet you. Credit Card required for reservations. No call and no shows will be charged 50% of reservation fee. Payment in cash or check upon arrival is appreciated, payment with credit card will be charged a card reader fee.

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If you are interested in group camping, please contact Kyle Farmer 828.553.8895 or kyle@shoalcreeknc.com.

RIDING INSTRUCTION                                                     "A dream to ride can come true"